Arts & Culture

The arts and culture sector embodies so much of the soul and spirit of our communities and our country.

 The pandemic has had a crippling impact on so many who have devoted their working lives to the creation, promotion and showcasing of art and culture here.

At a time where the arts and culture will be critical to helping us out of the collective trauma of the pandemic, there is a very real danger now that economic necessity will force out many working in the sector.

My priorities as Labour spokesperson on Arts and Culture:

  • A universal basic income for artists: it is vital that we recognise the unique type of livelihood in the sector and that we support it accordingly. That means a universal basic income for those who have devoted their working lives to the sector so that they are afforded time to create, that they can pay the bills when they are between work and that they can have a future in the sector.
  • Widening access to arts and culture in the community: ensuring that we have sufficient creative spaces in every community, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Arts in our education system: ensuring that no child is excluded from access to music and drama in this country and that access is embedded and broadened within our education system.
  • Ensuring a sustainable future for local and national media: Ireland has a very proud tradition of journalism and it’s vital that we take steps to secure the future of local, national and especially public-service broadcasting in an increasingly digital world dominated by social media giants.
  • Meaningful long-term investment in the Irish language: Irish is a very special part of our culture and more needs to be done to protect and promote the language. I believe we must increase the level of state funding to services like TG4 which bring our national language to life for so many people.