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Marie's Submission on the Future of Phoenix Park

12 March 2021


Phoenix Park consultation

Our main points:

📌Vital that we maintain and improve inclusive access for park.

👩‍🦽 Safer pedestrian junctions- with introduction of zebra crossings.

🚴‍♀️Safer cycle paths- redesign and safety improvements at a number of junctions.

🚌Bus service- the bus service between Parkgate street, Cabra Gate and Broombridge Train & Luas station is very welcome. We'll be saying to the National Transport Authority that this service must never displace any existing services. However, the proposed bus service for the park should be extended to more parts of the park.

🐘Zoo- it's the Park's largest attraction and the OPW must find an appropriate arrangement to meet both the needs of the Zoo while also trying to reduce overall vehicular traffic levels in the park. The Zoo's proposal for additional parking space in Lords's walk car park must be given serious consideration.

You can read Marie's full letter to the Consultation here: