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Disappointment at Closure of Bank of Ireland in Phibsborough

01 March 2021

phib bank

I was very disappointed to hear of the Bank of Ireland branch closure in Phibsborough which was announced today.

My thoughts are with the staff getting this news. I understand it will be closed by September.

It's disappointing given that we have two major employers in the area; Mater and Mountjoy plus a very ethnically diverse community who would rely on in-person banking for some transactions.

I know banking has changed hugely in recent years but it is incredible that BOI would seek to rely on lower footfall over the past year for the decision- no reference to the fact that so many businesses have been devastated locally, people are travelling less so require much less forex transactions and that some older persons are trying not to go out!

Really important now that the building is not left go vacant and that is put to positive commercial use that makes a contribution to the local community.