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Metrolink Summary: FAQs for Dublin 7 and Dublin 9

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What is Metrolink?

Metrolink is a planned underground rail service that will connect central Dublin with Swords and the Airport.

What is the planned frequency of Metrolink?

Metrolink is planned to operate every 3 minutes. It will be capable of taking 20,000 passengers per hour (Green Line Luas currently takes 9,000 per hour).

How many new stations will there be?

15 new stations will be built for Metrolink, 14 of which will be underground. Glasnevin Station will be the biggest and most complex.

How much will Metrolink cost to build?

The total cost of the project will be at least €9.5 billion to €12.25 billion.

How far along is the planning for Metrolink?

The Railway Order proposals for Metrolink have been submitted, but they only account for 30% of the final design. Once planning is granted, subject to a number of special conditions, the appointed contractors will then start work on the final design. 

What is the timeline for building Metrolink?

The current timeline is: 

2024: Railway Orders to be approved, with conditions. 

2024/2025: Tenders will be issued. 

2024-2025 (Phase 1): Advanced enabling works will begin. 

2026-2031 (Phase 2): Construction will begin. 

When will construction works be carried out?

Construction of Metrolink is planned to begin between 2026 and 2031. Work will be carried out for 11 hours each day, 5.5 days per week. There will be a 7 day week for internal fit out works, and extended hours for concrete pouring. There will also be some "special deliveries" which will be made at night. 

How will construction of Metrolink impact traffic?

Once completed, we can expect Metrolink to reduce traffic in Dublin. However, while the line is being built, there will be an increase in traffic relating to the construction. 

  • A large section (300m) of the canal towpath will be closed for a number of years. 
  • Two "de-watering" events are planned for 2023 and 2025 to prepare construction of a platform in the Royal Canal. 
  • A temporary bridge will be erected over the Canal Connection at Shandon Gardens/Shandon Park and Coke Oven Cottages.
  • HGV delivery times will be restricted to 7am-7pm Monday to Thursday, and 7am-1pm on Friday. There are to be no deliveries on Sundays and Bank Holidays. 
  • Secure cycling parking will be provided for construction workers. 
  • Metrolink, along with Dart West and Dart South, will be developed just after BusConnects changes to the Ballymun/Finglas and Blanchardstown Bus Corridors. 

How will construction traffic impact Glasnevin and Phibsborough?

Peak construction traffic in Glasnevin and Phibsborough will be 100-170 construction vehicles on a daily basis over a two year period (the third and fourth years of the project). 

How will construction traffic impact Griffith Avenue?

Peak construction traffic on Griffith Avenue will be 60-160 construction vehicles on a daily basis in the fourth and eighth years of construction. 

How will construction traffic impact the Mater Hospital?

Peak construction traffic near the Mater Hospital will be 100-150 construction vehicles on a daily basis in the fourth and eighth years of construction. 

What can I do if my home is near the Metrolink route?

Property owners within 30 metres of the Metrolink tunnel route, or 50 metres of a station site are included in the project's damage assessment process.

Affected home owners and other building owners can sign up for the Property Owners Protecton Scheme (POPS). Under POPs there will be a pre- and post-construction survey undertaken of each building.

Buildings within 50 metres of a station site can access "blasting assessments" which have already been carried out. 

What is happening with the new Glasnevin Metrolink Station?

The new Glasnevin station will be the largest and most complex Metrolink station. It will be three stations in one: serving the Dart South West (Maynooth - Sligo line), Dart West ( Celbridge - Cork line) and Metrolink. 

Construction is expected to take 8 years and three months. It will involve demolition of Hedigans/Brian Boru pub, Des Kelly showrooms and the buildings in between. 

There will be 120 bike parking spaces at the station. A biodiversity study of the impact on the canal has been completed. 

What is happening with the new Mater Metrolink Station?

Construction of the new Mater station is projected to take more than 8.5 years. 

Part of the footpath on Berkely Road will be closed, and all of Eccles Street will be closed to non-emergency traffic in Phase 2 and 3 of construction. There will be full access to both roads during Phase 1. 

There will be 70 bike parking spaces at the station. There is a commitment to replanting the Four Masters Park, although precise reinstatement has not yet been promised.