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Connaught Street: BusConnects Blanchardstown Bus Corridor and Ballymun Bus Corridor Changes – Winter 2020

15 December 2020

At the start of November, the NTA published their third and final set of proposals for the Ballymun Bus Corridor.  The consultation is now open so if you have a strong view on the changes for your area, do make a submission. The deadline is December 16th.  

For Phibsborough, there are important and positive changes for cyclists and pedestrians with the development of the Royal Canal cycleway and the extension of footpath space outside the shopping centre and on Cross Guns Bridge. However, changes in the Blanchardstown bus corridor will have the effect of pushing more vehicular traffic into Phibsborough. 

  • The proposed closure of the old Cabra Road to general traffic will mean eastbound cars will have to divert at Cabra Cross to the Cabra Road or Rataoth Road with the result that additional cars in the morning peak hours will be pushed onto Faussagh Avenue and Connaught Street. This will combine with increased westbound traffic flows on the same roads arising from changes on the Phibsborough Road. Traffic modelling suggest that both sets of changes could lead to increased traffic flows of 600 cars in the morning peak period. 
  • The development of the new cycleway along Royal Canal Bank will be an important development for cyclists travelling North-South through Phibsborough. See image overleaf. However, access to the cycleway remains a key issue with a large share of Phibsborough residents living on the western side of the village – Connaught street and environs, Monck Place, Cherrymount and environs.  
  • There are two main changes to the traffic layout for Phibsborough Road1) Unfortunately, the current cycle lane segregation on Phibsborough road south of Doyle’s Corner will be removed to make way for a bus lane.  2) The southbound right turning traffic lane into Leinster, Munster and Connaught street will be curtailed to make way for the planting of trees (see image overleaf). In November 2019, 49,008 cars went through Doyle’s corner in a 24 hour period. The traffic modelling suggests this will decrease by between 100-300 in morning peak traffic. 
  • For pedestrians, two additional pedestrian crossings on Phibsborough Road; one between Leinster Street and Enniskerry road and another connecting Monck’s Green and Permanent TSB. The footpath will be widened outside Phibsborough Shopping centre, multiple trees will be planted along the widened section, two existing trees will be removed and parking will be reduced to a single row. The footpath on Cross Guns Bridge will be extended on the side adjacent to Des Kelly Furniture to overcome the very narrow pinch point. 

The proposals here refer only to North-South traffic through Phibsborough and the spill over effects of changes made on the old Cabra road.  The NTA have indicated to that they will start work separately on developing cycle lanes on the Cabra Road and North Circular Road next year. 

This is only an overview of the changes and is not exhaustive. For exact detail, please see

Next Steps:   

Dec 16th: Deadline for submissions

Jan. to March 2020: “Preferred route” will be published. Environmental impact assessment report will then be published.

Mid 2021: Statutory Process will commence where application for compulsory purchase order to An Bord Pleanála (ABP) will be submitted. This will involve a statutory consultation and oral hearing.  

2022: Works will commence.